Radio Show Terms and Conditions

The Women In Business Radio Show is operated by Stormchasers Events Limited and it is this entity that will decide, and which is the incorporated entity for any reference to The Women In Business Radio Show.

When you appear as a guest on the show, Stormchasers Events Ltd keeps ownership of the recording. We may give you a copy, and you must seek permission before you amend.

We keep all rights to any photographs or other images created before, during or after the show. If you submit images of yourself or your business, whilst the usage and ownership remain with you, you are granting permission for us to use those images in perpetuity and in any way we choose. Whilst we will not intentionally place images to cause offence, controversy or anything else to your detriment, we are not responsible if this happens.

Whilst we want you to have a brilliant experience on the show, you are submitting to a live interview, and we are not liable for anything that might arise because of that.

As this is a live radio studio, as with all technology, glitches happen, which could affect the recording or sound quality of the show you appear in.  If that occurs, we will offer you a place as a phone or studio guest in a future show, but there is no compensation or obligation on us to carry out any other action.

The interview is broadcast live and then distributed across various channels and you should be aware and take your own action to represent yourself as you wish. A recording of the live interview will be distributed through various channels, such as iTunes, and we responsible for any subsequent publication, or the outcome of such.

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