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    About the Events

    Psychic Health and Beauty Fairs

    The Psychic Health and Beauty Fair runs at 5 separate venues, and at each venue once a month on the same day.  

    The main activities are Psychic Medium readings. Tarot, Angel, Oracle card readings.  Therapists offer a range of full and professional treatments. Stalls selling a range of items.  Great Refreshments at Café in the Calm.  Adult Colouring.  Reading Corner with a selection of books and magazines to borrow.

    Gifts and retail are usually restricted to those with a theme associated with psychic, health, and beauty, spiritual, Wicca, and wellness gifts, rather than general crafts for say household decoration.  However, it's always best to discuss this as the lines are rarely that well defined.  If you sell crafting supplies or demonstrations, this could fit in well with the Cafe in The Calm theme of mental wellness.

    Visitors pay £2.50 to get in and that includes a free hot drink. We have many free concessions, including after 2.30 pm, under 16's, anyone with a medical exemption certificate.  It's also free to come it to write in the healing book. We turn no one away because they can't afford to come in.

    80% of our visitors are returning or recommended visiting by another visitor. This means there is value in exhibiting at the same place each month (rather than hopping about from event to event) so that other exhibitors and visitors get to know you and come back to see you and hopefully make a repeat purchase. If you can only manage to come to one event per month, it is better to pick one and then return to the same event each month rather than try out a different venue each time.  This means you start to get known for being there and can build connections with other exhibitors and visitors.  

    Our aim for 2022 is to become a 'one-stop-shop' for people who want to buy health and beauty supplies, get their health and beauty treatments all without the hassle of parking far away, going backward and forwards to visit different professionals, and all whilst having a restful day out.

    One of the things we often hear about the events is what a lovely atmosphere and energy they have.

    Each event has the concept Cafe in The Calm, which is about taking time out for yourself, and we provide the following to encourage people to stay as long as they like:

      • adult colouring
      • journaling paper
      • spiritual books
      • spiritual magazines

    One of the things we often hear about the events is what a lovely atmosphere and energy they have.

    Hand Made and Pamper Fairs

    The Hand Made and Pamper Fairs are seasonal fairs for Spring, Summer, Autumn & Halloween and Christmas.

    They are free for visitors to attend, are focused on the seasonal theme and we also have a wide range of craft stands.

    They are at the same venues as the Psychic Health and Beauty Fairs, and the booking is through the same process, which means you can still use this page for more information.

    Exhibitor Community

    Our exhibitors contribute to the lovely atmosphere by helping each other and by being part of the community.  We are helping to move this forwards by having a Facebook Group for exhibitors.  Our Community app is now well underway and everyone is welcome to join.

    Tables and Exhibitor Space

    Exhibitor costs start at £17.50 for a small table (3ft x 2ft) and Reader and Therapist space is £30.

    If you're working with clients and need a private space, for example for massage or consultation, we can provide that away from the main exhibition area.  You will get a small table to display your booking forms, certificates, information about what you do and to sit down and chat with potential clients, and a separate private space for your treatment table or chairs.

    You should provide a privacy screen if needed. 

    We provide chairs for you, and anyone else you bring with you to help you on the day.

    You are responsible for providing a table covering to enhance your display.

    Banners and Shelving

    We want everyone to be able to show what they do, and you are welcome to bring pull-up banners and displays.  However, we may ask you to move them if they are blocking other exhibitors - it's all about working together.


    It's not just about what happens on the day. We like to think we work in partnership with our exhibitors and this means we do promotion around your business as well as the event.  It helps a great deal if you can also promote how you will be there on the day.

    Venues, Event Timings, Setting Up and Leaving

    The pubic come in between 10 am and 4 pm.  We start setting you up at 9 am and we need to have left the premises by 5 pm. If you don't think you can pack up and be off the premises by 5 pm, please let us know so we can organise some help for you and/or arrange for you to start packing up a little earlier.

    All venues have good on-site parking, free for both exhibitors and visitors, and access to the buildings is level and good.

    There are different types of tables at each event, and at Strood, Maidstone, and Rainham, we can't move them around or change the layout.  Many of the tables also aren't 'standard' and at Paddock Wood, Mascalls Academy, the large tables have benches attached.

    There are pictures of each venue and the tables below.

    Exhibitor Requirements


    All exhibitors must be fully insured with Public Liability, and product liability (if selling items). Those offering treatments or readings must hold any relevant qualifications.  If they have a professional association, they must follow their guidelines.

    Therapists offer full and professional sessions and many of our visitors come along to get the therapeutic support they need whilst undergoing treatment for serious illnesses. We don't encourage taster sessions unless it's not possible to offer a full session at an event.

    Advice About Exhibiting at Events

    You should think about why you are exhibiting and set your expectations accordingly.

    There are various reasons for exhibiting...

      • 'Pop-Up' shop for your products and services which means you want to sell to as many people as you as possible who the organiser brings through the door and then leave.
      • A showcase for what you offer to be seen, network, and share with others and build relationships.
      • A space for you to work with clients, much as hiring a treatment room for the day, or shelf space in a shop.

    Bear in mind that no event organiser can guarantee how many visitors will arrive on the day; how much they spend when they get there; or if they will buy what you have on offer.

    Our usual advice for any event is that if you need to make your exhibitor fee back on the day to keep afloat, that you don't do it.

    Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

    Booking Procedure

    If you've never exhibited or spoken with us please register an interest to exhibit.

    If we are already connected you can provisionally book specific events. 

    The booking is provisional because are careful about keeping a variety of different types of products and services and restrict brands such as Body Shop to one per event.

    If we need to discuss the booking, we will call or email.

    If we can book you straight into the event, the booking procedure is as follows:

    1. You will be emailed an invoice from sian@stormchasersevents.com FOR EACH EVENT YOU ARE BOOKED INTO. If you have booked in for events throughout the year,  you do not have to pay all of your invoices at once. 

    Payment can be made by Credit Card (Stripe), Paypal, and BACS transfer - the bank details are now on the invoice. 

    The invoice will also confirm what you are booked in to do at each event.  This is important if you offer more than one service but will only be offering one of them at a particular event.

    The invoice also links to the terms and conditions for exhibitors which can also be viewed on this web page:


    2. You will also get a booking confirmation email FOR EACH EVENT YOU ARE BOOKED INTO,  also from sian@stormchasersevents.com and which will confirm the venue address, set up times, and any other details you need to attend the event.

    This means that for each event you will get 2 emails and if you are booking lots of events at one time, you could have a packed inbox as they arrive. 

    The Venues

    Snowfields Academy

    1st Saturday of the month: Snowfields Academy Maidstone, Popesfield Way, Maidstone ME14 5GA. Doors open from 10 am - 4 pm. 

    Longfield Academy

    1st Sunday of the month:  Longfield Academy, Main Road, Longfield DA3 7PH. Doors open from 10 am - 4 pm. There is free parking at the venue. We MUST leave the venue, including the car park by 5 pm. 

    Strood Academy

    2nd Saturday of the month: Strood Academy Carnation Road, Rochester ME2 2SX. Doors open from 10 am to 4 pm. We will start setting you up at about 9 am. There is free parking at the premises and we must be out of the building and the car park by 5 pm

    Rainham Academy

    4th Saturday Month: Leigh Academy Rainham, Otterham Quay Lane, Rainham, Gillingham ME8 8GS. Doors open from 10 am - 4 pm. 

    Mascalls Academy

    4th Sunday of the month:  Mascalls Academy, Maidstone Road, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge TN12 6LT. Doors open from 10 am - 4 pm. We will start setting you up at 9 am. Ample free parking for exhibitors and visitors.

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